Quacker Blaster

Do you love ducks? Do you hate them? Whether you like watching as their majestic wings flap in the wind, or the smell of their flesh browning as they cook in the oven, you can agree that they are truly the most monstrous and dangerous creatures that nature has concocted in the years since the dinosaur went extinct. The most aggressive and ferocious ducks take to the sky and approach quickly, intent on conquest. If you choose to resist, and protect everything you love and cherish from the mallard malady that’s coming, pick up your phone, take aim, and fire.

Quacker Blaster is a first person duck hunting game that uses your phone’s gyroscope to simulate natural aiming. Tap the screen to shoot once your target is in your sights. Blast all the ducks on the screen to clear the level before you run out of time. Compete with your friends in your google plus circle or with all players world-wide to see who can get the best score and reach the highest levels.

• 99 Levels of variable play, with multiple waves of enemies per level.
• Unlimited ammo in time attack mode; shoot to your heart’s content.
• Shoot accurately to get a higher combo modifier and score.
• Fast paced gameplay that relies on your skilled aiming to succeed.
• Beat all your friends for the highest score.

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