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My First VR Impressions

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For a long time now I’ve been a big fan of non-traditional ways of interacting with computers, and technology as a whole. I think that for me the moment I started to really think about what shape the future of computers would take was when I first stood in front… Read more »

Visual Studio Code Snippets in GitHub

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I’ve uploaded most of my commonly used Visual studio code snippets to GitHub. These include several general purpose snippets for doing shorthand calls to things I use often such as: Snippets for generating or updating class definitions such as this one which turns a class into a singleton: Along with… Read more »

Weighted Randomization

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A weighted randomization would be when you have several values that you want to present with different odds between them. For example, consider values A, B, and C. If you were to decide that you want one of these 3 values, but you want A to occur 20% of the… Read more »